Friday, July 20, 2018
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Why 9-11 Truth Has Won - Beyond The Anniversary Bailout


The tenth anniversary of 9/11 has produced what must surely be an unprecedented flood of media hype on any single event, accentuated, of course by exaggerated security at ground zero complete with highly conspicuous and unnecessarily obtrusive military presence. The countless times we have heard the phrases “terrible events…” and “changed the world…” in the past decade have not sufficed for those who coined them. We have surely heard the whole decade of media propaganda revisited in every facet, every detail and every nuance – except of course in one very conspicuous respect; completely omitted from the relentless re-telling is the prevailing issue of dissent from the official view, with the obvious intention to create the impression that none exists. The 9/11 anniversary has been probably the most extreme application in all the history of Christendom of the principle that “if a lie is told enough times it becomes truth” – all to no avail.

Another Bail-Out

Just as Western Capitalism came to the brink of global financial catastrophe in 2008 in the cause of on-going fraud gone too far and was saved, for the time being, only by a massive welfare hand-out to capital, so Western Civilisation more broadly has come to the brink of a global spiritual and philosophical catastrophe; a crisis of confidence deeper and more pervasive than that of the equity markets. The balmy lies being re-cast and distributed for the masses to disguise the inherent fraud of our civilisation that both underpins and exposes the 9/11 event are a bail-out borrowed at high moral interest. Just like the financial bail-out, it will accentuate the problem in the longer term and serve only to defer the inevitable. To his rare credit, even Pope Benedict, at the height of a 9/11 remembrance ceremony in Italy referred to the failure to address the underlying causes that led to the 9/11 attack, an allusion to the moral fraud and corruption that underpins the decadent state of Western Capitalism that is bringing us ever closer to a crisis for Western Civilisation at large.

Just as the insatiable, criminal greed of the people who own Western Capitalism has concentrated extreme wealth in impotent hands and impoverished the engines of creativity and production that nourish the economy, has undermined the illusion of tangible solidity of the global economy and has destroyed the economic security that is essential to the active participation of ordinary people in the economic system, so too has Western Civilisation generally been undermined. The psychotic, criminal violence and barbaric plunder associated with their resource wars have exposed the moral bankruptcy of Western Civilisation generally, for everyone associated with it and rendered anaemic; infantile celebrity worship in a simplified world of superficial news and entertainment that trivialises intellectualism and spirituality to dumb down the masses and drown the out more substantial voices.

But the vast flood on the airways of a carefully rehearsed script, relentlessly affirming the flawed official view of the 9/11 event, to the absolute exclusion of a well-researched, scientifically founded and highly convincing conflicting view, serves only to point a withered, accusing finger at those who have produced it for their part in the decade-long rampage of violent mass-murder, vandalism and theft that has arisen from this event. The criminally psychotic nature of these events is thoroughly consistent with the “false flag” theory of 9/11. The ardent bias of the media in sanitising and supporting the appalling criminal inhumanity perpetrated in the past decade is consistent with their obsessively relentless, irrational and unquestioning repetition of the thoroughly implausible view of the 9/11 event.

Looked at objectively, the 10th anniversary media surfeit lends more, by its very nature and existence, to sustain the 9/11 Truth view than it does that of the establishment view rabidly promoted by the psychopathic criminals who own Western Capitalism, who fomented the desperate desire in the Middle East to strike back against the outrages that have been perpetrated against them in a long history of violence and intrigue and who have exploited the victim’s retaliation as a means to fabricate grounds for further moral outrages against them.

The Success of 9/11 Truth

In the course of these past 10 years the Movement for 9/11 Truth, on the other hand, has amassed, organised and presented an enormous trove of information and analysis that has not only demolished the official analysis of the 9/11 event but has also exposed the evasions, omissions, misrepresentations, deliberate exclusions and falsehoods engaged in by the 9/11 commission which reveal it as an historic cover-up and a criminal fraud against the people of the United States and the World.

Despite the vicious oppression and disparagement of individuals who hold questioning views (even the innocuous “Dixie Chicks” were mauled by the media Rottweiler) and the openness of the movement that has enabled the infiltration of plainly absurd theories that have been falsely ascribed as the views of the movement at large, the 9/11 Truth Movement has steadfastly confined itself to the task of amassing and presenting evidence which exposes the implausibility of the official explanation and points clearly to the involvement of parties and actions far wider than merely those of 19 hijackers attempting a highly impractical terrorist attack which, in isolation, had no chance of success and could not possibly have produced the dramatic outcomes seen on 9/11.  

This is an extremely compelling body of evidence with its core, essential facts founded on solid science; a rich and meticulous compilation that is the work of disciplined, academic minds, increasingly well refined and presented. People in possession of a science-founded understanding of the world cannot fail to be persuaded by the 9/11 Truth case regarding 9/11, a case so compelling it warrants, at the very least, a more objective and rigorous enquiry. This is the winning hand.

Too Big To Fail

The institutions of Western Capitalism (most conspicuously media, corporate and military) are tenacious and vigorous in their promotion of the official view of 9/11 because their very survival depends on it. The Truth of 9/11 poses a threat not just to the official version of events, to the people associated with a range of institutions implicated in the events and indeed, to institutions and individuals involved the cover-up and suppression of dissent, but to the whole global Western Capitalist enterprise. It faces a moral demise that it can only resist by violence externally and which will also undermine it internally – none of its assets being reliable. The official view is too big to fail and the notion of broader Western Civilisation’s dependence on it has been tacitly exploited (a clash of civilisations) to justify the media bail-out.

But the case presented by 9/11 Truth stands, like the case against the financial bail-out, as an irrefutable statement of the inescapable reality that must prevail.

Like the unsustainable, global debt (not just in the US but in the western world generally) that has been created to enable the bail-out has implications that reach beyond the internal, financial machinations of the Western Capitalist economy, so the fraud and oppression that has been perpetrated to sustain the 9/11 cover-up and sanitise the criminally immoral violence and theft that has flowed from it has wider implications that have morally bankrupted Western Civilisation generally and this will have inescapable long-term effects. Just as we await the chickens coming home to roost from the corrupt financial bail-out, so we await those coming home from the corrupt, moral bail-out of the official 9/11 story and its aftermath.

The people who own western capitalism have very little concern for the lives of the people, communities and countries that depend on the broader stability of Western capitalism for their economic security, as compared with the rapacious greed of people who own and control the system. They are no less indifferent, indeed perhaps entirely oblivious to the moral and spiritual implications of the Truth of 9/11 for wider Western Civilisation, a truth that will never be sublimated.

Implausible Denial

The smug, cynical arrogance of GW Bush and his thuggish cabal who launched a new crusade in the 21st Century, their blatant lies laid bare about WMD, nuclear weapons procurement and Iraqi support for terrorism, the war-mongering in the name of “Freedom and Democracy” while simultaneously tearing up the social contract that is the foundation of freedom at home, the unctuous speeches of Barak Obama that have continuously sugar-coated a reality no different from that of Bush and his cronies, the untenable support of the US for the unspeakable crimes of Israel against Palestinians and the ongoing interventions (overt and clandestine) in the Middle East that are clearly about nothing other than OIL, all stand as moral crimes that must, in one way or another, be excused and overlooked by anyone in the world who upholds the “War of Terror” and cannot possibly be unaware of them today.

People either were or have become better informed about the background to 9/11 and for the people who ask the question “Why do they hate us?” there are much more troublesome issues to contemplate.  Chris Hedges, for example, (who, incidentally doesn’t question the official 9/11 story) in an article titled "A Decade After 9/11: We Are What We Loathe" states that:

Those of us who knew that the attacks were rooted in the long night of humiliation and suffering inflicted by Israel on the Palestinians, the imposition of our military bases in the Middle East and in the brutal Arab dictatorships that we funded and supported became apostates. We became defenders of the indefensible. We were apologists, as Christopher Hitchens shouted at me on a stage in Berkeley, 'for suicide bombers'.

What both Hedges and Hitchens fail to recognise is the very telling logical consistency of strategy and purpose between resistance to this question and resistance to the glaring questions about 9/11. The implications of  9/11 truth, particularly in light of the PNAC document, cannot possibly be disconnected from the context of these other glaring expressions of disingenuous US policy and action, particularly when this thrust of US Foreign Policy is ongoing and has not merely benefit significantly from the 9/11 event but was wholly dependent on it. Their continuation keeps the question burning and each effort to suppress it appears ever more extreme and absurd with the passage of time.

Paul Craig Roberts, who calls the media festival on the “Day of Remembrance,” a “propaganda exercise that hardened the 9/11 lies into dogma” recently asked “Does 9/11 Truth Have A Chance?”.  He makes his position on 9/11 Truth very clear:

“… that building 7 was a standard controlled demolition and that incendiaries and explosives brought down the twin towers. There is no doubt whatsoever about this.”

After stating the two key facts proven by 9/11 Truth researchers, namely free fall of the buildings (which necessitates that there was NO structural resistance) and the presence of tons of nano-thermite in the buildings (which shows that explosives pulverised all structural resistance in advance of the collapse), Roberts goes on to say that “the US is moving into an era where the emotional needs of the population produced by government propaganda overwhelms science, evidence, and facts.”.

So although Roberts does not say if he believes that “9/11 Truth has a chance” it seems evident that he is pessimistic. Almost bitterly despairing he says: “When a law professor at our two most prestigious law schools wants to suppress scientific evidence that challenges government veracity, we know that in America respect for truth is dead. The notion that a country in which truth is dead is a “light unto the world” is an absurdity.”.

Underlying Truth

Roberts probably has good reason for pessimism; to watch any television media or listen to any radio broadcast it would appear that belief in the official story of 9/11 and the War of Terror is universal. But this is to overlook the fact and reality of the state of mainstream media today, particularly in the US, and to forget that the other arm of these institutions has sixty years of experience in persuading people that they need a Rolex watch because all their peers have or want one. One of the primary functions of media today has been to convince the public as to what the public opinion is – often something blatantly false.

More conspicuously, the many arms of power of Western Capitalism have long been applying punitive measures, with all the force of livelihood denial that Western Capitalism can muster (the most recent casualty a French Professor dismissed for his views on 9/11 who is now suing the French Defence Ministry – search on French Professor Sacked over 9/11 Conspiracy Theory), to suppress any and all expression of dissent from the official 9/11 story; a sure sign of desperation. Most recently, in the UK, Liverpool FC striker Nathan Eccleston, is under investigation by his club after claiming on Twitter that 9/11 was not the work of terrorists (even though Eccleston’s views seem not to be based on 9/11 Truth). Will we reach the condition of Farenheight 451 when all the books must be burnt?

Philosophical people ask what quality of life or pride in civilisation and civilised values there is when one knows that all of its institutions are thoroughly corrupt? The news media is widely regarded as a rat’s nest of paid liars without scruple, politics and government nothing more than a tax-funded pig-trough for the snouts of privilege whose job is nothing other than to maintain the pretence of democracy, the police an instrument of oppression of dissent by violence-hungry thugs who politely fail to investigate the crimes of power while the courts and judiciary serve only to provide a fence around the law, denying its application to power even as they dispense it viciously and vindictively when called upon by power. Some people, even very intelligent people can put these concerns aside, get a job designing weapons or killing machines for the military, celebrating celebrities or spinning untruths for the media and feel very satisfied with a big house and a prestigious car. But there can be no doubt of the cost to a society when clever, perceptive, principled and creative people come to feel disgust for the state of the society they live in.

I note today that Welsh University has conducted research that shows a 20% increase in the number of white, western women in the UK converting to Islam, including most notably and with potent significance, the sister-in-law of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. This is just one of many unobtrusive indications of disillusion and lethargy of spirit that pervades Western Civilisation and quietly heralds an upheaval in the making that will not be “seen on TV”.


The 9/11 Truth Movement has long ago passed a turning point that undoubtedly marks victory in the war for control of the public mind. That point was the establishment of a body of irrefutable, science-based evidence for their case.

Interest in this issue on the internet is intense. The International Hearings on the Events of September 11, 2001, held to coincide with the anniversary in Toronto, Canada attracted over 60,000 viewings even as the proceeding took place. Any well-made video on YouTube dealing with the subject of 9/11 receives well in excess of 50,000 viewings and even among amateur videos, where typical viewings are in the order of 100 and those on political subjects rise to in the order of 1,000, any video on the subject of 9/11 receives easily 4,000 viewings. A recent, high-quality video lampooning the official conspiracy theory has received well over 700,000 viewings and is rapidly on its way to exceed one million (search YouTube for “9/11, A Conspiracy Theory”). With this level of interest out there, the large and well-organised body of evidence created by the 9/11 Truth movement will be often found and will provide excellent food for thought that will maintain the core of what is already a burgeoning mass of global interest.

This, of course is not evident in the mainstream media except by implication of the massive effort that was made in the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 to create the obviously false impression of broad acceptance of the official version of 9/11 events. Selling a bad movie requires a lot of repetitive, intense hype; the worse the movie, the greater the hype.

There is also serious change looming within the US. The coming elections offer little hopes for “change” and will require a new round of hype from Obama if he is to hope for a second term. Even if his campaign suffices to overcome his abject failure to deliver “change” in his first term, it will necessarily require promises of an order so unfulfillable that it will quickly be exposed in a second term (for example: the current talk of tax increases for the wealthy could not be achieved in a national debt crisis; they are unlikely to be easier after it). Americans generally still remain steadfastly resistant to the logic of foreign policy, support for Israel and its effect on how they are perceived by the rest of the world and they seem not to recognise the implications for the future of the US of the recent National Debt Crisis. As the effect of these realities increasingly influences the lives of ordinary Americans a sobering re-think of attitudes inevitably must come, and it will come amid dramatically changed economic and lifestyle circumstances for most Americans.

While the JFK episode was never seriously subjected to public evaluation outside the US and was able to remain wrapped within the stars and stripes the 9/11 episode is not an internal matter for the USA. As a pivotal event in broader world affairs the 9/11 attack is subject to broader world attention, not just at the “human interest” level of ordinary people but also of intellectuals, politicians, international law experts and people of the science and engineering fields who are increasingly taking a professional interest. Their assessments are unclouded by American flag patriotism.

There is simmering anger across the whole of Western Civilisation over the resource-driven corruption, criminal murder, violence and blatant theft that is driving international events, just as there is simmering anger over the perilous state of Western Capitalism, the corruption and criminal fraud that has caused it and also caused the incompetence on the part of governments in dealing with it. The cost of the War of Terror is implicated, connecting these two critical events and the key role of the 9/11 event that created the link can only attract increasing scrutiny. As the financial crisis deepens and bites further into people’s lives (as an inescapable reality that no media can suppress) the anger increases and as the causes of it are scrutinised in the light of harsher economic circumstances people will be increasingly objective, sceptical and critical of explanations peddled by the media. There is a growing mood of International outrage. The body of evidence collected analysed and presented by 9/11 Truth, which already is widely accepted, is a ticking time bomb in the saddle-bags of Western Capitalism and the people who own it. A show-down is inevitable and the Truth of 9/11 is a pivotal factor that will be increasingly sought and examined.

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