Saturday, June 23, 2018
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Ten proposed measures to contain the United States

United Statesby Elias Davidsson

Since the mass-murder of 9/11, orchestrated by the Bush administration and covered-up by the U.S. regime [1], the U.S. has demonstrated, beyond the shadow of doubt, that it  is intent on disregarding, whenever it suits its interests, international norms, including those of public international law, human rights law and international humanitarian law.

Its participation in four overt wars of aggression, its threats against sovereign states, its well-documented policies of assassinations, kidnappings, torture and indefinite detention without trial, its refusal to ratify the Statute of the International Criminal Court, its refusal to ratify the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, its opposition to an international convention for the abolition of all nuclear weapons, its repeated attempts to bribe and coerce governments to support its vote within the U.N. Security Council, its policy to maintain alive the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, and the gradual establishment of a totalitarian order within the United States that includes informants, mass surveillance, police brutality and the abolition of legal restraints, demonstrate that the U.S. regime has forfeited its claim to legitimacy within the international order.  It has become what is commonly termed as a "rogue state".

The question is widely discussed how to protect the international system and humankind from the "rogue state" that the United States has become. While all commonly designated "rogue states" are primarily oppressing their own population and do not affect international peace and security, the United States threatens systematically and in a major way international peace and security. It possesses sufficient capabilities to extinguish life on earth. The U.S. regime, unchecked, represents objectively a major threat to humankind.

Taking the above circumstances into account, the question arises what possibilities civil society and sovereign nations possess to contain, and hopefully, help the American people to regain and reestablish the rule of law, democracy and the trust of other nations.

I have no patent solution to offer but wish, in all modesty, propose a certain set of measures that might contribute to such a goal.

1.  Every country should strive to close all military installations of the United States located on their soil. If that is not immediately feasible, U.S. military personnel should at least be confined into their installations and not allowed, except by special permits, to freely circulate within the territory of the respective country.  This would make it unpopular for US military personnel to be stationed in such countries.

2.  The number of U.S. embassy and consular staff should be reduced to an absolute minimum. 

3.  All offices or branches of U.S. companies outside the United States which deal with military, security and intelligence products or services, should be immediately closed.

4.  Imports of U.S. film products should be regulated, say by setting a maximum quota. Local film production should be encouraged.

5.  U.S. citizens should be required to obtain a visa to travel outside their country. Those U.S. citizens suspected in undermining international norms or promoting wars, assassinations, torture and other violations of fundamental human rights, should not be provided with a visa. 

6.  The United States should be suspended from all international organisations, where such suspension is legally possible.

7.  The U.N. General Assembly should stop electing the ten rotating members of the U.N. Security Council. This will ensure that the Security Council - dominated by the United States - will not be able to function. By such a move, the Security Council will be prevented from providing a legal garb to criminal policies.

8.  Plans should be made to move the headquarters of the United Nations to a peace-loving country, such as Senegal. The move would make it more difficult for the United States to interfere with and spy upon the United Nations and the various national delegations, blackmail UN employees and will symbolically redeem the African people.

9.  U.N. member states should be encouraged to replace the US dollar as the world's de facto trading currency by gold or by a basket of currencies, in order to make it impossible for the United States to sustain its power by printing its own currency.

10.  An international arms and oil embargo should be instituted against the United States, that will have the effect to force the United States to reform its energy policies and reduce its economic reliance on military intervention.

(This is merely an initial attempt. Please send your critical observations, endorsements and additions to me, at  eliasdav [at]

[1]  The claim that the U.S. government orchestrated the events of 9/11 may not be shared by every reader of this document.  The overall argument presented herein does not, however, rely on accepting this specific claim.  I have included this claim, because I am convinced - on the base of 9 years of research - that it represents the truth.   Should that claim be accepted, it merely represents a further and compelling justification for containing the United States as a criminal regime.

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