Thursday, May 24, 2018
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Palestine, Arab unity are main challenges facing Muslims

Palestine unityBy Khalid Amayreh in occupied Palestine

There is no doubt that the outcome of recent elections in Tunisia and Morocco is good news for the Palestinian cause. It is also hoped that the Egyptian elections will further consolidate the Islamist reality in this part of the world where decades of unlimited and unrestricted western backing of Zionism, or Jewish Nazism, enabled Israel to torment, dispossess and humiliate hundreds of millions of Arabs and Muslims.

Now this has got to stop.
The peaceful and democratic  transformation in  the Arab world is the most positive development since the downfall of the Ottoman state in 1924. It is hard not to relate to what is happening in the Arab world  today in strategic and historical terms.
The Arabs are simply declaring their disbelief in secular nationalism, Godless secularism, dynastic and feudal despotism, and tyrannies of all kinds. They must soon declare their disbelief in territorial nationalisms of all sorts. After all, territorial nationalisms are merely advanced degrees of tribalism. Territorial nationalism is un-Islamic, it should be obliterated, though gradually.
Indeed, one can attest with utmost certainty that territorial nationalism represents and reflects the will of the western colonizer, not that of  Arab and Muslim masses. Hence, keeping the Arab world in a perpetual state of disunity, fragmentation and disintegration can be considered a real betrayal of Arab aspirations for unity.
In the past, Islam unified the Arabs. There is simply no other healthy and decent unifier.  This is why the earned rise of Islamist forces in many Arab lands can be viewed as a realistic cause for hope for reviving efforts to unite the Arab world.
There ought to be a qualitative chasm between Islam's vision of the Arab world and that harbored by secularist, liberal and nationalist trends. In short, the Islamists' vision should go beyond mere banalities and seeking solutions for contemporary problems facing Arab countries.
Islamists therefore must seek something more historical, more strategic, and more sublime, such as true, integrative Arab unity,  otherwise the Islamist way of governance would remain confined inside a parochial circle, which would eventually generate a huge disappointment among the masses.
I am saying this because there are high and legitimate expectations the masses believe the Islamists must meet. The expectations go far beyond the normal things, e.g. a higher standard of living, greater degree of civil liberties,  lesser unemployment,  lesser graft and corruption, more social justice and equality before the law.
Undoubtedly, these aspects are very important and in many cases they constituted the main underlying causes of the Arab Spring
Which means that these basic issues must be tackled, but the Islamists are warned against stopping there because the Islamist vision doesn't stop at feeding the people and granting them employment.
I realize that that pursuing Arab unity now may be beyond the Islamists' ability, especially at this early stage. Grand enterprises do require time to achieve. However, we must remember that even grand enterprises can be carried out in stages. For example, the first steps toward the establishment of the European Union took  place a few years after the Second World War when Europe was thoroughly devastated.

The important thing is that we put our feet on the right track, because in the absence of Arab-Islamic unity, we would continue to move from one crisis to another more crippling crisis until we reach our ultimate demise as a civilization that once extended from China to the Atlantic .

The pursuing of Arab unity shouldn't be at the expense of determining our ultimate approaches or approaches toward Zionism, or Jewish Nazism, which is trying to obliterate our people in occupied Palestine, destroy our holy places, and arrogate more lebensraum in the region at our expense.
More than anyone else, the Islamists ought to know that Israel is not just another state seeking to secure a shelter for persecuted  Jews as the mouthpiece of lies in the Zionist  regime have been claiming.
The truth of the matter is that Israel is a cancerous entity seeking to create a Talmudic empire extending from the eastern Mediterranean to Persia and from southern Turkey to Upper Egypt.  I am not an alarmist or suffering from  anti-Jewish phobias. I am only reading their literature and there is no rational reasons not take them seriously.
The Islamists must not pursue international relations in the style of the defunct regimes. This would boomerang sooner or later, besides being a betrayal of the Islamist line of thinking.
Yes, we must have normal relations with all countries, including superpowers and important powers. But we must never ever compromise Muslim dignity and honor in order to appease certain governments. The old regimes are gone, we must make a complete and absolute departure from their ignominious modus operand.
Once again, remember Israel is the venomous snake that will try to harm you and  incite and  conspire against you. Don't be intimidated by this evil entity, it will eventually go away. Evil will not prosper for ever.

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