Saturday, September 22, 2018
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When CIA works for Mossad


Hassan NasrallahBy Hiyam Noir and Fadwa Nassar

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, the Hezbollah Secretary General, said in his speech on the occasion of the commemoration of Ashura, a few weeks ago, that: The U.S. embassy in Lebanon is a nest of recruiting spies to serve Israeli Mossad”, which in short means, that the most important goal for the United States in the region is continuing to keep - up the Zionist state, stake - out security against the countries in the region, to ensure total military domination. Indeed, at the beginning of his speech Nasrallah made it clear why the United States and Israel are the enemies of the Middle East. Nasrallah said that “We have become a direct target of U.S. intelligence. This put us in a new stage of a security struggle.”

The security branch of United States, CIA, has a mission abroad that is to provide data to the Zionist state, via Mossad. It is just confirmed, that those responsible for the resistance in Lebanon have drilled its forces, and updated information about covert activities of the Mossad agency, ill-famed worldwide for its heinous crimes, assassinations of political leaders and regime destabilization of those countries hostile to American dominant presence around the world. For the first time in its history the agency which is considered to be the ultimate top spy in the world, has underwent one of the toughest setbacks in its history, carried out by the Islamic resistance in Lebanon.

The American mass media cannot continue to keep its silence. A large part of the international press have been trying to find the names of CIA agents operating in Lebanon, and their specific business within the American Embassy, their procedures and “diplomatic “missions. For the first time, Hezbollah make evident to the larger public what many people already have known. That U.S. embassies around the world, are nothing but the nest of spies, who every day violate the international protocols which are governing the relations between different states in the world - and it is certain, that Ban Ki Moon and other leaders of the international community are part of the equation - and not at all eager to change it.

The CIA agents in Lebanon prefer to pick up recruits in the restaurant chain McDonald's, the Pizza Hut and Starbucks. To figure out if they meet their requirements, their recruits will receive an invitation into the premises of the Embassy to complete and sign a questionnaire form, before being hired. The CIA recruits will take responsibility for possible repercussions as a result of their involvement in missions to infiltrate and collect personal data of Hezbollah members, including data from schools and kinder gardens attended by the children of the Lebanese resistance. These CIA agents are moving around in Beirut, using their embassy’s unmarked cars to facilitate their tasks. In addition, according to reports obtained by the Lebanese resistance, many recruits change "hon·chos" during their career, moving easily between the spy-agencies of CIA to the Mossad and back.

It is evident that the CIA has recruited Mossad agents in Lebanon to spy on Hezbollah and to provide information. According to Sheikh Naim Kassem, the discovery of the CIA spy network, working against espionage conducted against the Zionist state, is a clear involvement by CIA in conjunction with the Zionist state intelligence agency Mossad in Lebanon. Kassem then stated that the data collected by the Islamic resistance in Lebanon are still considered to be of higher importance than of what earlier has been unveiled, the news are the corruption of officials which can be bought to deliver large supplies of classified information.

The discovery that the CIA spy network in Lebanon has taken an intrusive role intervening in Lebanese domestic affairs, hence, under the camera of the drone spying to charge that country. Thanks to the mastery of high technology, the Iranian army succeeded in attracting the drone and has brought it down to the ground, the Iranians prevented it from automatically explode, as it was expected. The U.S. again speaks of a great loss, since the Iranians have possibilities to study the operation of their device and the factual information it is capable of transmitting and has transmitted.

The victories obtained in the camp of the resistance in the region, against U.S. imperialism and the fact that simultaneously, the U.S. is losing ground when pulling out of Iraq, where imperialism has caused unimaginable destruction and killed over a million people. Of course the torment and the unrest in the region is not over, certainly there is still some support in Middle East countries, nothing is yet fully accomplished, but the imperial United States has just received two resounding slaps in the face during the past weeks. The blow executed by Hezbollah in Lebanon is unlikely to have a significant effect on the political class which claims their full support to the United States, still regarded as their ally.

The sudden unexpected blast received by the U.S. from Iran is far more important, since it is a warning in advance of an actual potential danger to the United States, the Zionist state, and to the Europeans. If any hostile actions are planned against Iran it allows us to assert that Iran as an independent sovereign country, will not let the U.S. carry on as they please in the Middle East region.

Certain is that the first major defeat of the CIA in Lebanon show that it cannot continue coordinating its intelligence and counterintelligence activities in Lebanon, without being subject of the Islamic resistance, and that it will have a significantly impact on the people of the region, in particular the future of the regional resistance against the Zionist enemy. United States said a few years ago, when its agents has fallen, decked one after the other, it has become blinded despite the assistance from the CIA. It is clear that U.S. still leads the network, its spy devices were planted in the southern Lebanon, perhaps not all have been found, but the losses it suffered in recent years, still and hopefully forever will prevent targeted attacks and assassinations of the leaders in the Lebanese resistance.

Only a successful resistance movement can strengthen the people of the region. The glorious day when they will get rid of the heavy burden of the colonial Zionist entity which is occupying Palestine that is the day when the people in the region will regain their rights to live in freedom and independence. Any American or Zionist setback will strengthen the struggling people in the region to go ahead and shout out load, as they did during the commemorations of Ashura: Death to the United States - death to Israel!

Don’t ever ask why they hate America!

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