Friday, August 17, 2018
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Occupied Palestine: Forests Plantations in Service of Colonization


Jewish National FundBy Hiyam Noir and Fadwa Nassar

Since 1948, the Zionist occupation of Palestine has been a dramatic expansion of forests and gardens, the so called Biblical Gardens, to make believe that the colonialists are ecologically and environmentally aware, and long have dreamed of living in a pure and healthy natural environment, or else participating in contests of global protection of the nature, in particular as they are prompted by several countries in the world to participate in this environmentally important task.

There are departments of colonial interest of the environment and deforestation, thus the organization which is serious regarding the remaining virgin landscapes of Palestine, is the JNF (Jewish National Fund, or (KKL) as the acronym of the Hebrew name). 
According to the JNF website, its interest covers the whole territory of the occupied Palestine, it crashes down and then claims, allover, including in the Jewish communities around the world, to be the contributor of "beautifying” the country.

Forests is planted to hide Zionist crimes

In fact, much of the forests planted by the Zionists, including that of the Jewish National Fund, determined in an effort to hide Palestinian villages destroyed in the Nakba of 1948, and the illegal acquisition of land by force in Gaza and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem and Golan Heights in the 1967 war. It is no longer a secret that the hard work of the "green - thumb" Zionist, is the will of the colonial rulers to hide and bury under the trees, what remains of Palestinian towns and villages. Whether on Mount Carmel, where several Palestinian villages were destroyed and the population was killed or expelled, in the northern village of al-Jalil, or the town of al-Quds, or al-Naqab.
It was the method meted out and scrupulously performed against the indigenous Palestinian population beforehand, to accomplish the objectives of the Zionist entity, and still is; erasing the true history of the country, crushing with bulldozers the villages, removing their names on roads and from all the maps, thinking that it will prevent the return of the hundreds of thousands of refugees whose ancestors were born in these towns and villages.
JNF (KKL) forests plantations are hiding the destruction of Palestinian villages at the Mount Carmel. Some villages, 86 in total among the 531 destroyed are: al-Tirah, Khraybe, Balad el-Sheikh, Ijzim, Ayn Ghazal, Khirbet al-Damoun, Umm Zinat and Jalame. By the World Zionist Organization, a buried cultural heritage under trees, funded and planted all over Palestine. In the region of Al-Quds, the “Ishaq Rabin garden” was planted on the top of the Palestinian villages of Saris, Souba and Ayn Karem, which were destroyed in 1948.
After the occupation of the West Bank and the eastern part of Al-Quds, the JNF continues its dirty job in "green planting”, on behalf of the Zionist (JDL) the Canadian Nation wreckers.....the "Canada Park" is to be installed, which vegetation will hide the crimes conducted: the destruction of the villages Amwas, Yalo, Beit Nuba and Deir Ayyub, whose population was either killed or expelled.

Encircling Palestinian villages and towns

The "green thumbs" of the JNF and other organizations of the Zionist entity did not stop in the destruction of the past. However it will not succeed in destroying the history of Palestine. Today more than ever, Palestinian villages and towns dare to resist so far, mean while the JNF with all means is trying to dismantle them.
Palestinian classical scholars and researchers and the Arab Center for Alternative Planning, are emphasizing the significant role of state planning, particularly in the Judaized landscapes of the occupied Palestine, which the JNF and its forestation plans are an integral part of. Indeed, the various national or regional plans to "nationalize" or "rationalize", initiated by official circles, aiming at cutting back the areas still in Palestinian possession, are villages and towns surrounded by new forests. These forests though, prevent the use of Palestinian land, for example building of housing projects, as they are depending on Palestinian ruled municipalities and its local boards to hinder expansion of particular villages and towns. 
"We do not touch the forest!” is the imperative mood of the Zionist entity. However, it is important to know; that 70% of the land in the region that still have remaining sound Palestinian villages and towns, for example the old Palestinian seaport of Akka, are reserved, according to the Zionist forests planting plan. 41% of the land owned by the villages and towns inhabited by mostly Palestinian Druze in Mount Carmel and al-Jalil, are reserved for planting of forests and so called "nature reserves".
The figures above are only meaningful if we take into account that the Palestinians do not have more left of their land of origin than the futile 3.4%, and that the Zionist entity and various colonial organisms have during decades clean swept Palestine, since the massive expulsion of Nakba, in 1948.

The situation for the Palestinians becomes even more terrible, since the Zionist association for “the protection of nature", got involved in the debate of the planning of “nature reserves“. They (the Zionists) deny that new settlements are established in some areas, for example in parts of al-Jalil. At the same time as they build settlements,
 the colonial entity plant forests and "nature reserves" around Palestinian villages and towns. Thus, the goal is reached: Palestinian villages and towns are now surrounded by the forests; meanwhile simultaneously Jewish settlements multiply on stolen Palestinian land.

The myth of the "Biblical Gardens"

Carried away by the myth of the "land of Israel" -  i.e. the occupied Palestine, the Zionists still find other fraudulent means to both swallow Palestinian land and falsify the history and the geography of Palestine. Around the city of Al-Quds and elsewhere, you will soon find these fraudulent so called Biblical Gardens installed everywhere, on land stolen from Palestinian landowners to falsify the history of Palestine. This is where a variety of old herbs, plants and trees use to grow, tools and machinery along with the olive press, used by Palestinian farmers throughout their life and work in Palestine.
Now the Jews are all of a sudden becoming the awe. They ignorant tourists and Zionist admirers the "men and the women who planted the barren and sandy desert,
 the forsaken place”! - Voila!

Silwan situated south of the al-Aqsa mosque in al-Quds, is threatened by the installation of a fake Biblical Garden”. Under the pretext of re-creating “the Jewish History of Palestine" continues. In the construction of fake gardens and forests, the Zionists have destroyed the homes and the neighborhoods in the City of al-Quds. Maqdisis (the people of al-Quds) are expelled, their history is falsified and hatred of reasoning is sowed - in sin and death.

As if we are blind and unaware of what the Zionist settlers also do to our own croplands and to our Palestinian fields, as if we don’t have a clue of that the Jewish settlers in fact uproot our trees, including our olive trees, and that they slip – drop their filthy pigs into our cropland to destroy, and that they in an unsatisfied, unpredicted statement - in a mood-swing, burn down our fields.
So now our readers, when you learned about our predicament, do you still believe in the honesty of Zionists desire: the preserving of the Palestinian nature landscape... and that they are environmentally well organized and concerned about the relationships between the living things and their environments (the human ecology)?
If we the writers would not know of what is hidden in the planted forests of the Palestine territories, that is (often), the place where old Palestinian villages are/were situated, we would have believed in the ecological orientation of the Zionist entity.
Now our readers around the world also may be able to grasp the dark reality, and the appalling consequences of the Zionists rampage in the historical landscape of Palestine. That the fake Forests, the fake Nature Reserves and the fake Biblical Gardens have a very special foul smell, that of a colonial odor....  and understand that, the dirty and bloody hands and minds of the criminal usurpers, can never build a state of equality and well-fare, or creating and maintaining a country of pure beauty .

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