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July 4, US Independence Day Message

US Independence DayWorld must declare Independence from US

US imperialism, US state terrorism and US genocide threaten Humanity. For billions of people around the World 4 July means that day in 1776 on which the United States declared independence from Britain and declared war on Humanity. The message of 4 July, US Independence Day, should be that for the sake of human and biosphere survival the World must declare Independence from the US. 

For the United States of America  the Fourth of July is US Independence Day, a US federal holiday commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, declaring independence from Great Britain. In our poverty-, nuclear weapons- and global warming-threatened  World of 2010, the  4 July US Independence Day Message is clear: the World must declare Independence from the United States of America
Ask yourself the question: what countries in Asia, Africa, the Pacific and the Americas has the US (a) threatened, (b) suborned, (c) invaded, (d) devastated or (e) occupied?
The answers: (a) the US threatens all countries on earth; (b),  the US suborns all countries on earth (read Philip Agee, “Inside the Company. CIA Diary” and John Perkins “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man”); (c), (d) and (e). the US has actually invaded, occupied and devastated about 30 countries in the 65 years since 1945  alone (read William Blum’s book “Rogue State” and for an avoidable mortality-related history of genocidal US imperialism read my book “Body Count. Global avoidable mortality since 1950”). The US has military forces in 156 countries and bases in about 63 countries. Its nuclear weapons-armed nuclear submarines spread a message of racist state terrorism and racist nuclear terrorism around the globe.
According to Professor Jules Dufour (President of the United Nations Association of Canada (UNA-C) – Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean branch and Research Associate at the Center for Research on Globalization (CRG), Emeritus Professor of Geography at the University of  Quebec, Chicoutimi): “US strategists, in an attempt to justify their military interventions in different parts of the World, have conceptualised the greatest fraud in US history, namely "the Global War on Terrorism" (GWOT). The latter, using a fabricated pretext  constitutes a global war against all those who oppose US hegemony. A modern form of slavery, instrumented through militarization and the "free market" has unfolded.…The US has established its control over 191 governments which are members of the United Nations. The conquest, occupation and/or otherwise supervision of these various regions of the World is supported by an integrated network of military bases and installations which covers the entire Planet (Continents, Oceans and Outer Space). All this pertains to the workings of  an extensive Empire, the exact dimensions of which are not always easy to ascertain….presence of US military personnel in 156 countries… The US Military has bases in 63 countries. Brand new military bases have been built since September 11, 2001 in seven countries” (see “The worldwide network of US military bases. The Global Deployment of US Military Personnel”, Global Research, 1 July 2007)
The second sentence of the Declaration of Independence is arguably one of America’s greatest contributions to civilization: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”
It is useful to remember that the principal author of those great words, Thomas Jefferson, was actually a slave owner and is believed in his lifetime to have allowed 4 of 6 children by his slave Sally Hemings to gain their freedom – so much for the unalienable Rights to Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  .
Also ignored by mindless, self-described “patriots” is that a key reason for American Independence in 1776  was freedom to expand the 13 colonies westward into Indian territory, this having been prohibited by Britain for Indian Alliance reasons connected with its 18th century war against France.
Independence in 1776 meant that the US was free to expand west and prosecute the North American Indian Genocide, the North American Indian Holocaust, from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

The ongoing Indian Genocide proceeded to new depths after 1776. The Andrew Jackson Indian Removal legislation of 1830 “legitimized” this genocide by actively “encouraging” Indians to re-locate from East of the Mississippi and was of course eventually followed by Indian Genocide West of the Mississippi. But America didn’t stop there, moving further east in the 19th century to the Pacific (Hawaii, Guam and Samoa), to Asia (the horrendous, bloody conquest of the Philippines in which 1 million Filipinos died) and south to seize Mexican territories, and thence to seize Puerto Rico and Cuba and to establish violent hegemony over Central America and indeed Latin America.

The 20th century saw violent consolidation of the American Empire and its ruthless hegemony over Latin America. Except for the Americas, Liberia, the Philippines and the Pacific, the rest of the World had escaped the American version of Freedom but had not escaped European colonialism. Thus Africa and Asia suffered under brutal Western European, Russian and Japanese Empires. However World War 1 opened up new vistas for the unquenchable thirst of the Americans for the property of other people - in Europe, as American forces entered France, Belgium, Germany and thence post-war in Northern Russia in an attempt to crush the Russian Revolution.

World War 2 opened up new vistas for America with new war technologies enabling mass extermination of civilian populations. While the British employed deprivation and starvation to kill 6-7 million of its Indian subjects in the 1943-1945 Bengali Holocaust  and the Germans used a combination of starvation, shooting and industrial–scale gassing to kill 5-6 million Jews in the 1941-1945 Jewish Holocaust, the Americans advanced from the destruction of German and Japanese cities by firestorms to the instant annihilations of the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by atomic bombs.
After World War 2 America expanded the genocidal expansion that had received such a boost in 1776. Since 1945 the US has actually invaded about 30 countries and indeed more if you include US-backed invasions by its surrogates the UK, Ethiopia, Apartheid South Africa and Apartheid Israel (see William Blum’s book “Rogue State” ). The genocidal mechanism was avoidable death (excess death, deaths that need not have happened) from deprivation and deprivation-exacerbated disease and the death toll has been analysed quantitatively in my 2007 book “Body Count. Global avoidable mortality since 1950”).
The summary data below is of 1950-2005 excess mortality/ 2005 population (both in millions, m) and expressed as a percentage (%); this ratio is given for the US, for each country occupied by the US in the post-1945 era and as a total for all the countries subject to US invasion and occupation  post-1945. The asterisk (*) below indicates a major occupation by more than one country in the post-WW2 era: US [8.455m/300.038m = 2.8%] - Afghanistan* [16.609m/25.971m = 64.0%], Cambodia* [5.852m/14.825m = 39.5%], Dominican Republic [0.806m/8.998m = 9.0%], Federated States of Micronesia [0.016m/0.111m = 14.4%], Greece* [0.027m/10.978m = 0.2%], Grenada* [0.018m/0.121m = 14.9%], Guam [0.005m/0.168m = 3.0%], Haiti* [4.089m/8.549m = 47.9%], Iraq* [5.283m/26.555m = 19.9%], Korea* [7.958m/71.058m = 11.2%], Laos* [2.653m/5.918m = 44.8%], Panama [0.172m/3.235m = 5.3%], Philippines [9.080m/82.809m = 11.0%], Puerto Rico [0.039m/3.915m = 1.0%], Somalia* [5.568m/10.742m = 51.8%], US Virgin Islands [0.003m/0.113m = 2.4%], Vietnam* [24.015m/83.585m = 28.7%], total = 82.193m/357.651m = 23.0% .
In the last 2 decades America has concentrated on devastation of the Muslim world from Somalia to Pakistan (with additional bloody assays into Latin America and the Caribbean) . The carnage from the major current genocidal US atrocities are listed below.

Palestinian Holocaust, Palestinian Genocide (0.3 million post-invasion violent and non-violent excess deaths, 0.2 million post-invasion under-5 infant deaths, 7 million refugees).

Afghan Holocaust, Afghan Genocide (4.5 million post-invasion violent and non-violent excess deaths, 2.4 million post-invasion under-5 infant deaths, 3-4 million refugees plus 2.5 million NW Pakistan Pashtun refugees).

Iraqi Holocaust, Iraqi Genocide (2.5 million post-invasion violent and non-violent excess deaths, 0.8 million post-invasion under-5 infant deaths, 5-6 million refugees; 1990-2009, 4.4 million violent and non-violent excess deaths,  2.0 million under-5 infant deaths).

The above atrocities are dwarfed by the 1950-2005 excess deaths associated with the Global Avoidable Mortality Holocaust :in which 1950-2005 global excess deaths from deprivation totalled 1.3 billion, 1.2 billion in the non-European World and 0.6 billion in the mostly post-colonial Muslim  World (see my book "Body Count. Global voidable mortality since 1950", G.M. Polya, Melbourne, 2007, and "Global avoidable mortality").

However this escalating genocidal carnage described above in American hunger for resources is dwarfed by the worsening  Climate Holocaust and Climate Genocide  - man-made global warming increasingly impacts the current 22 million annual avoidable deaths from deprivation and deprivation-exacerbated disease, with the US one of the world’s worst polluters in terms of annual per capita greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution. Thus “annual per capita greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution” in units of “tonnes CO2-equivalent per person per year” (2005-2008 data) is 0.9 (Bangladesh), 0.9 (Pakistan), 2.2 (India), less than 3 (many African and Island countries), 3.2 (the Developing World), 5.5 (China), 6.7 (the World), 11 (Europe), 16 (the Developed World), 27 (the US) and 30 (Australia; or 54 if Australia’s huge Exported CO2 pollution is included).

Estimates from top UK climate scientists Dr James Lovelock and Professor Kevin Anderson point to 10 billion avoidable deaths this century due to unaddressed global warming, this including 6 billion infants, 3 billion Muslims in a near-terminal, 21st century Muslim Holocaust, 2 billion Indians, 1.3 billion non-Arab Africans,  0.5 billion Bengalis, 0.3 billion Pakistanis and 0.3 billion Bangladeshis (see “Climate genocide”).

Unaddressed man-made global warming will yield an average annual avoidable death toll of 100 million avoidable deaths per year on Spaceship Earth with the US in charge of the flight deck. Well may we consider the great words of slave-owner Thomas Jefferson: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Yet it does not have to happen. Thus 255 eminent American scientists (including 11 Nobel laureates), all members  of the prestigious US National Academy of Sciences issued the following statement in 2010 about the worsening climate emergency: “We urge our policy-makers and the public to move forward immediately to address the causes of climate change, including the unrestrained burning of fossil fuels. We also call for an end to McCarthy-like threats of criminal prosecution against our colleagues based on innuendo and guilt by association, the harassment of scientists by politicians seeking distractions to avoid taking action, and the outright lies being spread about them. Society has two choices: We can ignore the science and hide our heads in the sand and hope we are lucky, or we can act in the public interest to reduce the threat of global climate change quickly and substantively. The good news is that smart and effective actions are possible. But delay must not be an option (see “Climate change and the integrity of Science”, Science 7 May 2010: Vol. 328. no. 5979, pp. 689 – 690 ).

The core moral position for all  decent human beings on Spaceship Earth has been put by a further outstanding American scientist, Jewish American scholar Professor Jared Diamond, who in his best-selling book "Collapse” (Prologue, p10, Penguin edition) enunciated the "moral principle, namely that it is morally wrong for one people to dispossess, subjugate, or exterminate another people" – an injunction grossly violated by genocidal and indeed terracidal US imperialism and US state terrorism.

All civilized people around the World - including Americans) should start observing 4 July as their Independence Day, the day on which they all recognized the need to throw off the shackles of racist US imperialism, state terrorism and genocide. The message of 4 July, US Independence Day, should be that for the sake of human and biosphere survival the World must declare Independence from the US.

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