Wednesday, September 26, 2018
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Open Letter to the Tea Party

classwarLet me start by stating that I am a socialist and I am a foreigner. And I am not your enemy.

I too, don't trust the bigwigs. I don't trust government, any government. I believe in citizen control of all government. I believe in smashing the state altogether. I believe, like you, that citizens/ workers have had enough of elitists telling us the way it is.

The elites that have screwed America into the ground just to make themselves rich are not patriots.  For them America didn't come first. They couldn't care less about America. I can tell you that as a foreign socialist, I care far more about the ideals of America and its Constitution than they do. These people are still in control. They control Obama.  They are no friends of yours. And they rule America. They also rule Canada and we, you and me, need to stand together.

In America and Canada plants rust and rot, in the meantime millions of Americans and Canadians are unemployed. Houses in America are empty and they were emptied by the banksters. Meanwhile, many Americas are homeless.  The absurdity of this situation is surreal.  

The Real Enemy

I want to say to you that we, socialists, are not your enemy. We, foreign socialists, consider you our brothers and sisters in the struggle. As a working class Canadian I have far more in common with you than I have with wealthy Canadians that have the wherewithal to tell the Canadian government what to do.  Me and the average Joe Canadian have no say. And I believe that you have far more in common with me than you have with American banksters. And you have more in common with me than you have with Obama.
The same ruling wealthy elites that have screwed America into the ground belong to a class; the ruling class. And it is that class that refuse to let Obama or George W. Bush provide jobs to you though building much needed public infrastructure. Doing so would decrease the value of their enormous wealth.

Look at them. They are doing very well. We, the citizens of Canada, America, and Europe are not.

They have silently declared war on all of us, American and foreign working class people alike. And us, the working class have made every dime they own for them. They merely took it away from us. And now they have shipped the plants that we made, that they legally own, to China and Mexico to pay poverty wages. To get even richer. 

The ruling class want you to believe that you have two choices and two choices only. Either we are governed by wealthy, ruling elites or, we will live in a socialist totalitarian hell. That is a lie. There are many more choices.

They have waged war on us without declaring it. When the American people realize that you have been shafted by these ruling elites, you will not *ask* for jobs, houses, and a decent standard of living. You will demand it. You will take it and you will build it. It's not like you/we have a choice. At some point we need to feed the kids.

Voting for Republican or Democrat is a matter of voting for corporate stooge A or corporate stooge B. The same situation exists in Canada. In both cases they make deals in backrooms with corporate lobbyists and you don't have any say in anything. That is not democracy.


All the real wealth around you a few decades ago was made by your neighbour. Real wealth is your computer, your swimming pool, your  car. Not money. Money is what comes from making cars, swimming pools, and computers. The ruling elites make these things not for their use value. They make them only for exchange value; that is, money.

We can make cars, computers, and swimming pools with our hands. We don't need the meddlesome middle-man. If you don't believe this you have been sold a bill of goods. You've been told that our financial masters know best. That we need the parasites in order to survive. It is a slave mentality.

Any system of standards and laws that aims to take the wealth and power and place in the hands of its rightful owner, those that actually make wealth, is socialism. Any system that places the wealth of the land, the trees, the oil, the coal into the hands of the citizens, is socialism. Any system that aims to use this wealth to provide a decent standard of living to all Americans, is socialism.

And that is why, in spite of monsters like Stalin in Russia, I insist on calling myself a socialist. Stalin was no more a socialist than Adolph Hitler. Socialism is about people power and in America, and in Canada, the UK and Europe in general, the time has come for people power.

The Economy

The shysters and the thieves tell us that economics best be left to the economists and the corporations. They have the expertise, the know-how. They certainly 'know how' to rip us off, to plunge the whole nation(s) into financial hell for the sake of their own greed.

The economy is not something we, the average Joes and Janes, need to shy away from. The shysters will tell us the whole thing is so hopelessly complicated, that we better leave it to the experts.  This is our fatal flaw. As, we the people, we need to understand the basics of economics and the good news is, it's not nearly as complicated as they would have us believe. It's complicated alright when we consider derivatives, leveraging, and the other myriad of terms that is the language of thieves. But that's not really what we need to understand.

We need to understand this: The more money 'we the people' have, to spend on X Boxes and carpenters, the more people will spend on X Boxes and carpenters.  That is what makes the economy move. In other words, the more wealth we have to spend, the more people have work.

It's not so complicated.

It gets more complicated when we consider what that would do to the vast wealth the ruling class has stored away. More spending, more jobs, will decrease the value of their wealth. And that is why you don't have a job.

If the government wanted to save the economy after the sub-prime scams came to light, they could have bought out the homes people lived in when they were under water. This would have had the benefit of keeping people in their homes, reducing the rate at which home values actually fell, and reduce the impact from the sub-prime fallout on the whole economy. Why didn't Obama or Bush do this? Because they didn't want to offend his bankster friends that wanted the money directly and they want its value left intact. Their talk of economic stimulation was/is a lie.
Olive Branch

You good people in the tea party consider me and others like me your enemy. I want to say to you that in my opinion, you are wrong. Socialism isn't about government control of the people. It's about people control of the government. It is about controlling bullies whether they be financial bullies or violent bullies. In that sense and that sense only socialism is about control. Beyond that , socialism is about freedom. Real freedom.  Freedom from being deprived of the things we need to survive; food, housing, clothes, medicine.  From a socialist point of view, anything that a human being needs for his or her body to survive is a human right. There should be no obstacle to get food, housing, and medicine for your family. There should be no money charge as long as getting money is difficult or impossible. That situation is barbaric.

We can do that because we have built what America/Canada was. We have made it all happen. The people that sold it off shouldn't have owned it all in the first place. It really was yours. It was your inheritance.  We can build it again. 

Whether we like it or not, whether we are ready for it or not, the future is here at our doorstep. We need to walk out together and you need to build America back to what it was - and then some. And we, here in Canada, need to build Canada back. Ideally, we should work together. We truly are each other's brothers and sisters.
The Tea Party has made many statements about socialism; how horrible and evil it is. And as a socialist, foreign as I may be, I despair that the very people I consider our brothers and sisters have come to hate us. Real socialism is something we need to build from the ground up. 
To the criticism that I am not American and should keep my foreign opinions to myself: To that I say, this is not an American problem. It is a global problem and we are all in it together. Now, like never before, we need each other.

I don't expect you, the good tea party activist and concerned citizen you are to suddenly drop the tea party movement and join the ranks of international socialists. I am asking you, as an individual, to consider the possibility that the people you consider your friends are in fact, your enemy and, some of us that you consider your enemy, are your brothers and sisters at the beginning of one almighty struggle. This is not aimed to convert you to socialism. It is to understand all we have in common. It is to recognize ourselves as people from separate countries but the same sinking boat. If it does, we all sink together. If we succeed, we succeed together. In a very real sense, we are one. 

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