Wednesday, May 22, 2019
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Who is Really in Charge?


When people read the news and try to discern the motives world of today leaders have, things seem to be very haphazard. For example, Donald Trump said he was going to pull American troops out of Syria, and a week later he’s bombing Syria.

I’m not sure if people understand.

Vladimir Putin of Russia has said that United States will face consequences for attacking Syria, yet when the United States and Great Britain and France sent warships and deployed missiles into the country Putin does nothing.

And I’m sure people don’t understand.

I’d like to clear somethings up about these events. I don’t think that Donald Trump is in control of the United States military, the State Department or any part of the government. His declaration that he was pulling out of Syria was a red flag to the deep state, something they that could not tolerate.

I don’t think Donald Trump’s decision to launch missiles against Syria was his own, and it appears that the deep state has complete control over Donald Trump (for myriad of reasons) and that no matter what he does, if it goes against the powers that be,…the  deep state, it just won’t happen

As far as Russia not responding to American attacks on Syria, I believe Russia was given a heads up about the attack because they removed some of the personnel from the areas that were struck.

 I also believe that Russia is not prepared at this time to combat American aggression against their ally Syria. Russia is just now deploying S 400 and A 300 missiles in that country. It would not have been in the Russian’s best interest to deploy the S 300 and S 400 missiles that are not totally combat ready to defend their ally.

There are reasons for this, and with my experience in electronic warfare in the U.S. Army I understand why Russia did not deploy the S 400 missiles and S 300 missiles against United States, Great Britain and France. During any kind of military operation involving radar and computer systems, electronic warfare is really the name of the game. I’m sure that the United States had aircraft circling above all the air defense sites in Syria trying to collect information on their air defense capabilities.

This includes the frequencies that they use, and the time it takes to notify air defense units to deploy, to the time that they are combat ready and can launch counterstrikes. If the Russians would have used their 300’s and S 400 batteries against the attacks from the so-called “coalition” it would’ve given the United States and its minions all the information that they needed to counteract any future engagements with Russian air defense.

It’s s not only Bernie Sanders and others in United States that raise the issue that it is Congress and not the executive branch that has the authority to use military force, is also the House of Commons in the UK and the French parliament that has raised objections to its leaders using force without consulting their legislative branches.

Pres. Donald Trump is on the ropes right now, he is being investigated from six places to Sunday on matters that have nothing to do with colluding with the Russians during the 2016 election. This reminds me of the White-water case when Bill Clinton was finally impeached because of his affair with an intern. This same kind of investigation is happening now to Donald Trump.

It is my opinion that if you investigate someone, especially someone that has so many things to hide, the investigation will sooner or later find something thing incriminating.

If special counsel Robert Mueller has information that incriminates the President for any collusion with the Russians during the presidential election, he should bring charges against the President. Congress and the judicial system can also use findings to determine what is the best interests of the United States.

Having an open investigation constantly digging up things about the person they’re investigating is not in the People’s best interests. If the special counsel has charges to bring against the president, then he should bring those charges. If he has charges to bring against the president that are outside the scope of his mandate he should bring them to the Justice Department and close investigation. This investigation of the president of the United States has gone on too long. 

If I were in Congress I, would impeach the President of the United States for violating the Constitution and violating the war Powers act. If Bernie Sanders had any courage he would introduce legislation in Congress demanding that. If this is indeed an impeachable offense than articles of impeachment should be brought to the Senate and the House of Representatives. The United States can no longer enable the executive branch to decide what it will do militarily against other the sovereign nations. This “endless war” should be stopped and the United States should return to the rule of law.

The people of the United States need to speak up. From what I have seen, everybody is dancing around the issue. The administration is involved in endless wars and is not only Trump, it was Obama and Bush and Clinton and every president since FDR. In the end, this nation will reap it sows. If the people of the United States don’t stop these “wars without end”, we will be annihilated by every nation we have tried to subjugate. Will this be the time that we look at each other and ask each other “what the hell happened?”. When our civilization returns to dust, we only have ourselves to blame.

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