Sunday, September 24, 2017
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Another exceptional American takes aim at Iran

ahmadinejadBy Teymoor Nabili

The Washington Post's new, neocon op-ed contributor, Jennifer Rubin, is very happy to position herself firmly in far-right territory.

"What do I believe in? For starters: American exceptionalism, limited government, free markets, a secure and thriving Jewish state, defense of freedom and human rights around the world, enforced borders with a generous legal immigration policy [...]"

Not surprising, then that she wastes no time in jumping on one of the right's bandwagon's du jour - Iran.

There's no real point in commenting on the thin and by-the-numbers "analysis" of the Iran situation that comprises her debut column, save to highlight one breath-takingly glib and offensive comment: 

"we should continue and enhance espionage and sabotage of the Iranian nuclear program. Every nuclear scientist who has a "car accident" and every computer virus buys us time, setting back the timeline for Iran's nuclear capability, while exacting a price for those who cooperate with the nuclear program. Think of it as the ultimate targeted sanction."

Perhaps not surprisingly, she doesn't bother to explain how the assassination of civilian scientists, or attacking peaceful sovereign nations, fits in with her declared belief in "human rights around the world", but I guess that wouldn't fit in with the flippant tone of her theory.

Now enough serious analysts have ably demonstrated the fallacy of the statements and the prescriptions she presents without my having to do so here, but I do want to try to understand one thing - can someone please explain to me what exactly Rubin and other neocons mean by  "American Exceptionalism"?

I mean, while I certainly do agree there is a great deal to admire in the blending of ideologies and values that resulted in the US Constitution, what I don't understand is how every tub-thumping polemicist believes that this unique document grants carte blanche to wage wars of aggression against anyone who doesn't unquestioningly embrace their personal value system.

Teymoor Nabili is an award-winning presenter and correspondent based in Doha.

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