Saturday, December 16, 2017
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Occidental Zionism

pushkaby Steve Amsel

I remember the scattering of zionist youth groups that existed in the neighbourhood I grew up in. They would get together every Saturday night and sing Hebrew songs and dance the Hora in the streets. It seemed that was the extent of their activity.

Some of the more serious groups actually arranged tours to the newly founded ‘paradise’ they called home ….. but very few, if any, ever moved there. As they grew older, it seemed more practical to write a yearly (tax deductible) check to the Israeli organisation of their choice. Those who couldn’t afford that simply saved up their coins in tins such as the one pictured above (from the Jewish National Fund). This trend continues to this very day. Aside from the extremist elements and those that came to herald in the coming of the Messiah, there was never a mass move of these ardent supporters of the ‘dream’.

The Occidental zionist speaks loudly but carries a small stick today. I overheard one saying not too long ago “I would never allow my son to attend a one year programme at an Israeli university, I couldn’t cope if he decided to move there”. That simple sentence says it all and says it for many. Yet, if you pass by any of their public gatherings you see and hear the following;

You don’t hear them speak about injustice, Israel is the perfect place as far as they are concerned. Perhaps these people should organise tours and visit the land of their dreams, a land that has become a nightmare to millions of people, both Jew and Arab.

They base their misinformation on reports found in their own supported extremist press such as THIS site.

The continuation of the fear element is essential to the ongoing financial support that keeps these extremist groups in business ….. but the actual supporters continue to stay away.  That perhaps is the only positive aspect of their campaigns of hate.

Many of those that do come here for a visit are seen in the following light…. (the video presented was removed by YouTube for its truthful portrayal of events) but it can still be viewed by clicking HERE

Some that actually move here can be seen in this light….

and here ….

Peace? What a wonderful idea ….. with whom? The Palestinians who simply want Justice and a land for their people, or with these Occidental zionists that will never allow it to happen. Perhaps this element should return to the streets of Brooklyn as was suggested last year. Those sentiments cost Helen Thomas her job, but they could lead to a Just and Lasting Peace in the Middle East.

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