Friday, April 27, 2018
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Demonising the Brotherhood

Muslim BrotherhoodBy Teymoor Nabili

Fear of any religious (i.e. Muslim) involvement in Egypt's future government seems to be exercising the imagination of many a commentator and politician these days, and the "Brotherhood as bogeyman" theme has become common, in the US media in particular.

This article in USA Today is especially notable; leading with an interview with a Muslim Brotherhood spokesman, the article moves swiftly to raise the usual fears about Islamic law, and then slams the point home with this blatant imagery:

As he spoke late Saturday, the "thump thump" of a cleaver could be heard just outside the unadorned office. A man was hacking up a calf on a wood stump, arranging the meat on a plastic sheet on the patio floor. A bright puddle of blood ran into the street...

The article also manages to introduce Reuel Marc Gerecht, senior fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, as the moderate voice in the conversation, itself an unusual situation.

Just for the sake of balance, here's a somewhat different take on the Brotherhood's role in Egypt.

Teymoor Nabili is an award-winning presenter and correspondent based in Doha.

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