Saturday, September 22, 2018
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Middle East Protests: The Domino Effect

rageDifferent Reasons, Same Scenario, Different Outcome

The smoldering outrages and uprising in all Arab countries have become a blaze that has taken the self-confident Dinosaur rulers of the Middle East by surprise. Those rulers in their arrogance and old-fashion 'group thinking' didn't listen to street alarming voices and they think that the growing outrage is something to defeat by imposing more oppression.

There are two factors in common moved the masses of different cultures from the long sustained status of tipping point into bursting in massive protests 1-The impact of Global economical crisis 2- the Dictators' inclination to impose more oppression on the people when their police informers probe alarming signals of outrage. Those rulers like ostriches believed that they are safe and everything will be fine like it used to be for decades.
The Arab rulers didn't expect in their fantastic perspectives that “”he people would march towards the murderer police troops -'video'“facing their bullets without fear and capsizing and burning their armed vehicles that were running over the crowds. They didn't understand that once the people rise nothing stops them. Those rulers proved to be more weak and fragile than they were thought to be when the oppressed masses have risen.
The same scenario
- Yemen: Like the event of Egyptian protests, the ruler of Yemen didn't take the uprising of people seriously and he ignored them.

Day by day he began to recognize their demands and he condescend with blunt speeches similar to the final speeches of Mubarak. He began to make compromises that could change everything if he had addressed them before the protests begun. It was too late when he promised that neither he nor his son will be part of the next Presidential election. Yet the Egyptian scenario is still running in Yemeni streets
The same Egyptian scenario in Yemen. Governmental gangs pretending to be pro-regime protesters attacking the anti-regime protesters with knives and sticks to intimidate and disperse them. In anticipation of the final scene the Yemeni President is still fighting back not to lose his fortune hoarded in Swiss banks like Mubarak and Ben Ali
- Bahrain: I am looking over Bahrain protests with a grain of salt. The protesters might raise the same slogans and demands like the demands held by Egyptian protesters but the deep sectarian schism between different cults in Bahrain is the true motivation behind street uprise. The majority of Bahrain's populations are of Shiite Muslims. They are either from Arab descendants or Iranians who have settled down in Bahrain.

Bahrain government favors Sunni population over Shiite population, even favoring Arab Shiite over Shiite cult from Iranian backgrounds, as Saddam was doing in Iraq. This  reminds me of some shameful stories from History when  Muslims of Arabia were treating other Muslims like second class (Mawali) although Islam calls in clear words for equality and full rights for every human 'No favor held by an Arabic over a foreigner'. 
- Jordanian protests likely will not proceed further beyond raising reformation demands. The Jordanian protest the corrupt government but they pretend in tacit that Royal corruption doesn't exist. Their inherited ancient tradition making them worshipping the Royal Hashmi family that is presenting itself as the descendants of Hashmi family of Prophet Mohamed
-Algeria is a mystery in the non-Algerian eyes. Algeria is one of the richest oil exporting nations. Algerian people are still enthusiast over the old slogans of Arab Nationalism and they treated their successive rulers as Idols especially Boumediene and Ben Bella because all those senile rulers were from the group of young officers who were trained in Egypt by the army of Gamal Abdul Nassir who helped their Revolution against French colonialist forces. Algeria didn't have army at this time.

The first Algerian ruler to be involved in corrupt business transactions is Abdelaziz Bouteflika and he is from military too. He and his corrupt government impoverished Algerian people. His oppressive policies caused tribal and mountain population to collaborate with Islamic elements like al-Qaida and destabilize the country as revenge at the oppressive government
- Libya? The literally insane Gaddaffi who is under medication prescribed to him in one of Swiss hospitals for his profound mental instability is dealing with the inevitable fate of Arab Dictators as a joke. He once said that the masses are ruling Libya not him.
He is leading today anti- Arab Dictators’ protests in Tripoli

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