Friday, March 23, 2018
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Punishing Russia

The 1991 collapse of the Sov...

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Much Madness

And once again the crowd goe...

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Can the EU save the Iran nuclear deal?

European leaders must continue...

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The Idea of One Democratic, Secular State in Multinational Palestine

The West Bank has largely been...

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The Fake Enemy

Towards the end of 1941, the...

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Universal Commodification

Paradoxical Profit Unless reg...

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Economic Nationalism: Elitism in Populist Clothing

My old friend and former Ame...

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Midterm malfunctions

Okay, Democrats, settle down...

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Countering Israel's Public Relations Deception

Knowledge of the battlefields ...

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The Anti-Muslim Mindset Shows the Power of Indoctrination and Propaganda

According to an article in t...

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A Normative Evaluation of the Gulf Crisis

The Gulf Crisis erupted on J...

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Trading Places

 “What protection teaches us...

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The Complete Guide to Protecting Your Brand’s Reputation

There is nothing more importan...

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The Banality of Evil in the War on Drugs

The New York Times published...

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In memory of the 'Watcher of Tahrir'

Pierre Sioufi may be gone, but...

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Bachman calls Gingrich “most liberal” GOP candidate

In an interview Wednesday with Newshour Senior Correspondent Jeffrey Brown, GOP presidential candidate Rep. Michele Bachman, R-Minn., attacked rival Newt Gingrich’s policies on illegal immigration for being less conservative than the rest of the GOP field.

“He has said that we should make the 11 million illegal workers that are in this country legal,” Bachman said. “And he probably has the most liberal position on illegal immigration of any of the candidates in the race.” 

In Wednesday’s interview, Bachman also discussed her choice of language on the campaign trail, what the U.S. should do with enemy combatants and criticized the Obama administration for its handling of the Solyndra loan guarantee.

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