Saturday, April 18, 2015
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Afghan leader blames #ISIL for deadly Jalalabad bombings President Ashraf Ghani says group linked to ISIL claimed responsibility for attacks that killed at least 35 people.
Saudis answer UN call with $274m #Yemen aid pledge Kingdom's announcement follows appeal to provide emergency assistance to millions affected by ongoing conflict.
#Israel and Palestinians 'reach accord' on frozen taxes Tel Aviv to transfer more than $450 million of tax revenues to the Palestinian Authority, President Abbas said.
Teenager dies in police shooting in #Kashmir Officers in Indian-governed region open fire on protests amid strike call by separatists over prominent leader's arrest.

Islamophobia on Wheels

IslamophobiaPromoting Hatred

On 1 April 2015 an anti-Muslim advertisement started appearing on 84 municipal buses in the Philadelphia regional area. The ad space was purchased for a four-week period by the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), which paid $30,000 to run its message: a picture from the early 1940s of Adolf Hitler speaking to Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti (chief Muslim religious authority) of Jerusalem, with an accompanying text, “Islamic Jew Hatred: It’s in the Quran” and a call to “end all aid to Islamic countries.” Philadelphia is just the latest city to experience this sort of offensive Islamophobia. Indeed, running Islamophobic attack ads on transit systems across the nation seems to be AFDI’s specialty.



Doomsday for America through Economic Atrophy

Doomsday for AmericaThere is a continuing virulent campaign in the US media to keep painting the unsubdued commie of yesterday, Russia, as America’s archenemy… occasionally adding an eventual adversary in China. For now, however, Russia is made to appear as the single imminent threat to America’s military dominance across the Seven Seas.




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The Israel Supreme Court against the Freedom of Speech

"There Are Still Judges…"

This week I won a dubious distinction: a groundbreaking Supreme Court judgment has been named after me. It is an honor I would have gladly dispensed with.

The Mission of Israeli QGOs

Weakening and Discrediting the UN

There are no better texts for assessing the damage done to the role and reputation of the UN by the Israeli Lobby than to consider Secretary of State John Kerry’s recent statements boasting about the U.S. success in protecting Israel from criticisms arising from its non-fulfillment of responsibilities under international law and as...

With Freedom Comes Responsibility

International criminal justice is imperfect and all of the ad hoc international tribunals established over the past two decades have come under attack. Justice is often delivered at a snail's pace. It tends to be a costly exercise and frequently accused of failing to properly contribute to long-term stability and reconciliation in the very communities it seeks to address. Some...

The Geopolitical Right of Exception at the United Nations

The notorious, yet influential, German jurist, Carl Schmitt famously insisted that ‘a right of exception’ was the core reality of national sovereignty. By this he meant that internal law could be put aside by ‘the sovereign,’ inhering as the crux of the relationship between state and society. In this regard international law has no overriding claim of authority with respect...

Freedom for Dr. Mohammed al-Roken

The Arab dictatorial regimes suppress criticism against anybody who dears to speak out against their authoritarian rule or uses his right of freedom of speech. In Saudi Arabia Raif Badawi and Waleed Abu al-Khair have been sentenced to long terms of imprisonment. In the Saudi dungeons hundreds of prisons are left to rot. Over 90 were beheaded in 2014.

Israel National Unity

My first reaction after the election was: “Oh, no! Not a National Unity Government, please! In my first article after the election, I devoted a large part to the danger of a "national unity" government, though at the time the possibility of such a government, based on Likud and the Labor Party, seemed very remote indeed.



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What the Hell Are We Doing in Yemen?

The U.S. government has charged into another civil war in the Middle East. When you find yourself repeatedly asking, “Will they ever learn?” the answer may be that the decision-makers have no incentive to do things differently.

Ed Miliband And The Jews

Just a few month ago, in a speech in front of the Labour Friends Of Israel Lobby group, Ed Miliband - the Labour party’s current leader, produced one of the most embarrassing in the history of modern British politics:

Death Penalty Before Trial

The case of Mohanad Mahmoud Al Farekh is a perfect example of how the national-security state apparatus that was grafted onto our federal governmental structure as part of the Cold War has revolutionized America’s governmental system.

The United States of Israel

On a one-day conference in Washington on the power and the influence of the Israel Lobby organized by the "Institute for Research/Middle East Policy" and the "Washington Report for Middle East Affairs" Haaretz columnist Gideon Levy delivered an impassioned speech at the National Press Club blaming the Zionist lobby for the dominant role Israel plays in U. S. politics.

Why Try to Change America's Path?

I want to sit down and write something. Still, for some reason, I can't seem to get started. It's a trip. When I think there is something I must say in order to advance my notion that I'm doing everything I can to change a bad situation, I find myself unable to think of anything but excuses why I don't write.

Yankee Imperialism in Panama

On Saturday, the 7th annual Summit of the Americas concluded in Panama - a longtime US colony. Cuba participated for the first time since the inaugural 1994 event in Miami.



Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Israeli settlements


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